Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Old Navy Tanks! WHAT?!

So I recently had the pleasure to participate in an Old Navy Decorated Tank Sample and Share opportunity through Crowdtap (one of my new FAVORITE places to spend my time)!  I received my coupon in the mail for a Free Decorated Tank for myself, and 3 Free for my friends too!!! 

I was so excited to share the news with Cheryl, Mary, and Tess.  We all hopped in my car after work and drove over to Old Navy, which is awesomely right down the street.

So we arrive at Old Navy, and had no idea where the Decorated Tanks were.  We asked the first roving clothing attendant we found.  He was kind enough to show us where they were, and there were a LOT to select from.  Here is what we got...

My Tank

Mary and Cheryl both got the same one...

Tess picked this lovely top!

My friends were so excited and surprised that we were able to have this opportunity, and they found a lot of other stuff that they liked while we were shopping too.  My friend Mary even commented on how reasonable the prices are, and how their stuff is really cute.  You have to be pretty good to impress Mary, so good job Old Navy!  We had soooo much fun with our Sample and Share opportunity!  I can't wait to see what else Crowdtap has to offer! 

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